Two New Toys Since September 2005

Well, I have finally picked up some new toys last weekend after a long slump. Striker's Mark from Magmadar in Molten Core and Polished Ironwood Crossbow from Emeriss for my Nature Resist. There is simply no better range weapon that will provide the same amount of DPS increase as Striker's Mark.

Nightslayer Boots still won't drop. And ZG +60 Energy Trinket is still a long way to go.

My Microsoft Excel version of Rogue DPS Calculation has been completed with most of the Epic/Rare items added into a Excel-List based database. Please email me for it. I will work on verification and add in armor reduction before I start porting it to a web-based program.


Useful Rogue Macro (Updated 03.02.06)

Weapon Switch
/script PickupInventoryItem(16);
/script PickupContainerItem(3, 17);
/script PickupInventoryItem(17);
/script PickupContainerItem(3, 18);

Auto Bandaid
/script if (UnitCanCooperate("player","target")) then TargetUnit("player"); end UseContainerItem(3, 1); if(SpellIsTargeting()) then TargetUnit("player"); end
/script TargetLastEnemy();

Use Trinket Slot
/script UseInventoryItem(13);

Auto Riposte Macro

/script if (UnitMana("Player")>=10) and (IsUsableAction(Key#)) then CastSpellByName("Riposte");end;
SpellStopCasting();if (UnitMana("Player")>=40) then CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike(Rank 8)"); end

SnD Macro
/script GCP=GetComboPoints();if (GCP < style="color: rgb(102, 51, 255);">CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike(Rank 8)") else CastSpellByName("Slice and Dice(Rank 1)"); end

PvE Raid Evis + Feint Macro

/script CN=CastSpellByName;
GCP=GetComboPoints();if UnitMana("Player")>=20 and IsUsableAction(Key#) then CN("Feint");end;if (GCP>=5) then CN("Eviscerate");end;if UnitMana("Player")>=60 then CN("Backstab");end

Smashable Stealth
/script if not(string.find(GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1), "Invis" )) then CastSpellByName("Stealth"); end

Vanish Naked with Itemrack
/script CastSpellByName("Vanish(Rank 2)"); EquipSet("Naked");

ZHM Spam Macro
/script if (UnitMana("target")>=60) and (GetInventoryItemCooldown("player", 13)==0) then UseInventoryItem(13); end; SpellStopCasting(); CastSpellByName("Backstab(Rank 8)");

CB Eviscerate
/script CN=CastSpellByName; CN("Cold Blood"); SpellStopCasting(); if (GetComboPoints()>= 3) then CN("Eviscerate(Rank 8)");end

  1. Write a smashable shadowmeld+stealth macro
  2. Write a smashable SnD + Feint + Rupture macro. Need to detect self buff for this.


Temporary Weapon Buff DPS

Instant Poison DPS
= MH Poison Procs + OH Poison Procs + Special Attack Poison Procs
= Poison Damage/MH weapon Speed + Poison Damage/OH Weapon Speed + Poison Damage/Time in between Special Attacks (HM Only)
= Poison Damage * (MH Weapon Speed + OH Weapon Speed) / (MH Weapon Speed + OH Weapon Speed) + Poison Damage / (4 SS | 6 BS)
= (20% | 30% Improved IP) * (130 | 150 Viled Poison) * {[100% - max(24% - Hit Rate, 0)] * (MH Weapon Speed + OH Weapon Speed)/ (MH Weapon Speed * OH Weapon Speed) + [100% - max(5% - Hit Rate, 0)] / (4 SS | 6 BS)}

Assuming 5% Hit, BS, no Imp IP, no Viled Poison, Duel Wielding Instant Poison, 1.8 Speed MH, 1.6 Speed OH:
Instant Poison DPS = 29.2

Deadly Poison DPS
DPv5 is 136 Damage / 12 seconds, with 30% proc rate and stacks up to 5 charges. This shit is complicated. Time to do some Unit Algebra. Assuming 1.7 Speed Weapon.

(1 attack / 1.7 second) * ( 0.3 proc / 1 attack) = 0.176 PPS (Proc per second) or 5.67 second per proc. (10.6 PPM)

Over the course of 12 seconds, DPv5 will proc:

12 second * 0.176 PPS = 2.1 times

Thus DPv5 DPS = 2.1 * 136/12 = 23.8

Dense Sharpening Stone DPS
= DPS gained from +8 Damage
= 7.04 DPS (MH only)

0.88/0.28 is the DPS gained from +1 MH/OH damage using sensitivity analysis from my Excel calculator on 27% Crit, 6% Hit, 830 AP. It will vary on different spec but should stay roughly at around 2.8.

Elemental Sharpening Stone DPS
= DPS Gained from +2% Crit
= 5.56 DPS

2.78 is the DPS gained from +1% Crit using sensitivity analysis from my Excel calculator on 27% Crit, 6% Hit, 830 AP. It will vary on different spec but should stay roughly at around 2.8.