Weapon Specialization (de)Mystified

Over the past few weeks/months/years of rogue forum trolling at work, the question of how Fist/Dagger weapon specialization works have never been directed answered, documented, or even tested, despite the well known fact that Mace/Sword spec will work only if you ahve mace/sword equipped even in offhand only.

IMHO, the source of the confusion in Fist/Dagger spec is that, paperdoll's crit rate will increase by 5% if and only if you have the respective weapon equipped in Main-hand. Paperdoll crit rate will not receive the benefit of Fist/Dagger Spec if you only equip the respective weapon in Off-hand. Thus the 2 school of thoughts.
  1. Fist/Dagger Spec will be in effect as long as you equip the respective MH, and OH will receive the benefit of +5% crit rate disregarding of the weapon type. e.g., Dagger Spec rogue with dagger in MH but sword in OH, should receive the same +5% crit chance increase for its OH sword.
  2. Fist/Dagger Spec weapon spec will be in effect if and only if the respective weapon type is equipped, similar to Mace/Sword Spec.
My intuitation has always points to #1 as it is easier for the programmers to code the actual weapon spec mechanics, but I have not conduct any test to verify until today. In the past weekend of grinding Consortium rep (finally exalted btw), I have use recap to collect some sets of data from about 1000 melee swings with different weapons equipped.

The data collection is done using 13/41/7 combat daggers spec, with Dagger Specialization.

Set 1: Whispering Blades of Slaying (dagger) + Stormreaver Warblade (fist)

Set 2: Reflex Blade (fist) + Warp Splinter's Thorn (dagger)

My preliminary conclusion from the test data coheres to #2 argument, which argues for that fist/dagger specialization will be in effect as long as the respective weapon is equipped, ignoring actual paper doll crit rate.

I am at work right now, but the recorded numbers are at home. I will try to make an update soon.