Useful Rogue Macro (Updated 03.02.06)

Weapon Switch
/script PickupInventoryItem(16);
/script PickupContainerItem(3, 17);
/script PickupInventoryItem(17);
/script PickupContainerItem(3, 18);

Auto Bandaid
/script if (UnitCanCooperate("player","target")) then TargetUnit("player"); end UseContainerItem(3, 1); if(SpellIsTargeting()) then TargetUnit("player"); end
/script TargetLastEnemy();

Use Trinket Slot
/script UseInventoryItem(13);

Auto Riposte Macro

/script if (UnitMana("Player")>=10) and (IsUsableAction(Key#)) then CastSpellByName("Riposte");end;
SpellStopCasting();if (UnitMana("Player")>=40) then CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike(Rank 8)"); end

SnD Macro
/script GCP=GetComboPoints();if (GCP < style="color: rgb(102, 51, 255);">CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike(Rank 8)") else CastSpellByName("Slice and Dice(Rank 1)"); end

PvE Raid Evis + Feint Macro

/script CN=CastSpellByName;
GCP=GetComboPoints();if UnitMana("Player")>=20 and IsUsableAction(Key#) then CN("Feint");end;if (GCP>=5) then CN("Eviscerate");end;if UnitMana("Player")>=60 then CN("Backstab");end

Smashable Stealth
/script if not(string.find(GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1), "Invis" )) then CastSpellByName("Stealth"); end

Vanish Naked with Itemrack
/script CastSpellByName("Vanish(Rank 2)"); EquipSet("Naked");

ZHM Spam Macro
/script if (UnitMana("target")>=60) and (GetInventoryItemCooldown("player", 13)==0) then UseInventoryItem(13); end; SpellStopCasting(); CastSpellByName("Backstab(Rank 8)");

CB Eviscerate
/script CN=CastSpellByName; CN("Cold Blood"); SpellStopCasting(); if (GetComboPoints()>= 3) then CN("Eviscerate(Rank 8)");end

  1. Write a smashable shadowmeld+stealth macro
  2. Write a smashable SnD + Feint + Rupture macro. Need to detect self buff for this.


Icairus said...

Heres a smashable Stealth macro that casts meld if stealth is on cooldown. I will never use the standard stealth button again.

/cast Stealth(Rank 4)
/script if not(string.find(GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1), "Invis" )) then CastSpellByName("Shadowmeld(Racial)"); end

This also works after the recent patch (1.10) where they made shadowmeld break stealth instead of displaying "A more powerful spell is already active." Enjoy all rogues and especially you VitaminC, you've helped me a whole helluva lot. =D

Wise said...

Another useful macro I've got is this:
/script if (not UnitExists("target")) then TargetNearestEnemy(); end
/cast Sap(Rank 3);
To replace normal sap, it auto-targets like the other attacks does (cs/ss/whatever) so it's spammable if ur looking to sap a rogue in stealth or just being lazy.

Anonymous said...

The spammable stealth button macro does not work with the new patch mate.. any ideas on a new one?

Anonymous said...

at least since 1.11 vanish doesnt take you out of combat anymore

-> no more vanish un- /re-equip

Anonymous said...

Can you make a macro that will cast SND on 5CP then if SND is already up make it cast evis

Anonymous said...

omfga! can someone please find a working shadowmeld into stealth macro