Mutilate, Part 2: Crit Profile

In part 1, Mutilate was evaluated from a lv60 perspective with rosy 30% crit rate and 1540 attack power. So in this post, I am going to investigate how Mutilate will scale at lv70.

I will use my mediocre gear as an example.
434 Agi
  • 135 Naked
  • 299 item
29.97% Crit
  • 5% malice
  • 4.65% naked
  • 10.31% item agi
  • 10% item +crit chance
The crit profile of Mutilate will therefore be:
  • 49.04% Non Crit
  • 41.98% Single Crit
  • 8.98% Double Crit
At level 70, using 5 piece Gladiator gears, 2xGladiator Daggers, Gladiator Thrown, Lv70 Dungeon Hard mode Cloak, Neck, Ringx2, General's Bracer/Belt/Boots, I would have:
411 Agi
  • 165 Naked
  • 246 item
25.88% Crit
  • 5% malice
  • 165/34 = 4.85% naked
  • 246/34 = 7.24% item agi
  • 194/22.08 = 8.79% crit rating
The crit profile of Mutilate will therefore be:
  • 54.94% Non Crit
  • 38.36% Single Crit
  • 6.70% Double Crit
Thus my mutilate crit rate went down from about 51% t0 about 45% as I level and obtain top end gear at the same time. Absolutely horrible.


Anonymous said...

So, um, it is Mutilate's fault? Seems to be more of a rant over the new combat ratings system.

Granted Backstab would drop about 1.6% less, from 59.97% to 55.88% (4.17% vs. Mutilate dropping 5.7%)

VitaminC said...

the combat rating system hurts mutilate's crit rate more.

my butterfinger slipped and deleted the part 3, so gonna type it up 2morrow or something.

basically 1% point reduction in crit chance will results in the same % reduction in BS and Mut damage. but in nominal values, mut damage got hurt more because it has higher basis.

Anonymous said...

A bit off-topic, but why is it that higher end gear decreases agi/crit? What is blizzard smoking and can I smoke it too? Or is it only because you're using gladiator for your example?

VitaminC said...

because your crit rate from items will decrease over time, due to the new crit rating system.

your crit rate from agility also deteriates as you level

Anonymous said...

gladiator gear is not designed to be dps gear, it's strictly geared towards pvp arena gear, you should use t4 or t5 as an example in stat calculation, blue dungeon stuff will probably give you more dps.