AQ Item Wish List

Now that AQ gate is finally opened on Blackrock and Eminence is up to Huhuran (NR cockblock), here is my wishlist for AQ40/AQ20 in the order of desire:

Deathsting - C'Thun(?)
Anubisath Warhammer - Trash Mobs
Blessed Qiraji Pugio - AQ40 Boss Drop
Sand Polished Hammer - Ossirian the Unscarred
Deathdealer Vest - C'Thun
Deathdealer's Boots - Princess Huhuran
Ring of the Qiraji Fury - Battleguard Sartura
Barbed Choker - Fankriss the Unyielding

Yes, I am looking forward to replace my Dal'rend's set so I can grind more efficiently than using my daggers. I am not planning to dump my 5 NS bonus at the moment.

With active trinket nurf in 1.10, Earthstrike + ZHM combo won't be viable, but RCoT is still the best PvP trinket out there.

Active Trinket DPS modeling done (except ZHM is using lazy mode).


Anonymous said...

Blessed Qiraji Pugio - AQ40 Boss Drop

This thing is a quest needing 3 Elementium Ore.

VitaminC said...

Elementium Ore isn't that big an issue IMHO especially when a guild can kill AQ40 bosses, neither are the Idol/Scarabs.

Anonymous said...

the warhammer is #2 is rather curious. What are your thoughts on weapon skill vs. crit/hit/AP stats? That is, Maladath vs. Brutality Blade?

VitaminC said...

Brutality Blade > Maladath stats-wise for OH. Period.

Weapon Skill is "useless" as it only adds 0.04% Crit/Hit per point. However, it also reduces glancing attacks in PvE. Unfortunately, Blizzard did not release any information about glancing attacks, so it's really hard to evaluate.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to pick up a Maladath to test it out (DKP is tight and 15 AGI is expensive, however), because I made a combat log just for my attacks, and when I don't crit, to my dismay, no less than 75% (probably closer to 80%+) of my auto-attack swings are glancing. As a result, I've noticed that compared to a nearly identically-geared human rogue (I'm NE), my noncrits are weaker, yet my crits are stronger in every single boss Recap I have saved (over ten of them). Not exactly a professional study, but it makes me wonder.


Anonymous said...

yo viv its chico

two things, why do you want fury over choker. like based on preference, or what your gear is right now etc..
and dan found out glancing 5 weapon skill reduces the dmg reduction of your glancing blow from 55~ish to 78~ish. once you exceed the negative effect of glancing blows into excess +skill, your glancing do more dmg than your white.

VitaminC said...

Wow thats some cool info.

So glancing effect is approximately 70% per level? Which level mob did he tested on?

Oh, I wanted fury because QSR/NS Boots were both being gay and we sorta stopped raiding MC and shit. And then my home comp fucked up. And its fucked up again after i 'fixed' it. :(

Otherwise choker hands down.

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