Trinket DPS Calculations

It's really hard to compare active trinkets (ZHM, VT, etc) to passive trinkets (DFT, BB, etc) using some reasonable basis. Quality can only be compared when you can quantify their effects and that's what I've been trying to attempt.

Drake Fang Talisman

Listing the DPS for DFT for comparison basis. Since I am trying to use Excel spreadsheet to model DPS, I am going to do it in lazy mode by simply adding 2% hit and 56ap to my model and take the difference in DPS.

With my current set-up, DFT contributes about 11.5 DPS.

Hand of Justice

Listing the DPS for HoJ becuase this trinket is generally being overvalued by the public. "2% chance on hit to gain 1 extra attack" is extremely similar to +2% hit. Yes, 2% hit to gain 1 extra attack is slightly better. No, the difference is not material to use different numbers for either of them.

Use: Increases your melee and ranged attack power by 280. Effect lasts for 20 sec.

Since I am trying to use Excel spreadsheet to model DPS, I am going to do it in lazy mode. Calculating each individual attack's benefit from ES is a major pita and varies dramatically depending on specs.

DPS = Damage Dealt / Time
= (Total DPS after +280 Attack Power - Total Original DPS) * 20 / (120 for sustained, 20 for burst)
~ 6.6 DPS sustained
~ 39.8 DPS burst, according to my gear set-up

Another method of calculation is to pro-rate it to its cooldown. So +280 attack power for 20 seconds every 2 minutes can be scaled into 47 attack power over 2 minutes. So Earthstrike can be treated as a 47 attack power trinket for sustained damage purposes.

Renataki's Charm of Trickery
Use: Instantly increases your energy by 60.

DPS = Average Backstab Hit / (Trinket Cooldown for Sustained)
= 1000 / 180
= 5.6 DPS

The Burst DPS for Renataki's Charm of Trickery is meaningless due to its instant nature. 1000 damage / 1 second = 1000 DPS anyone?

Venomous Totem
Use: Increases the chance to apply Rogue poisons to your target by 30% for 20 sec.
Simple and straight forward calculation

DPS = Total # of Landing Hits * 30% * Poison Damage / (Trinket Cooldown for Sustained | 20 Second for Burst)
= { [(Activating Energy + 20*10)/(Hemo 35 | SS 40 | BS 60) * 30% * (130 | 150 Viled Poison) * [100% - max(5% - Hit Rate, 0)] + [(20/MH Weapon Speed) + (20/OH Weapon Speed)] * 30% * (130 | 150 Viled Poison) * [100% - max(24% - Hit Rate, 0)] } / (300 | 20)

Example: Assuming 1.8 Speed MH, 1.6 Speed OH, 5% hit, Backstab and duel wield Instant Poison VI with no Viel Poison talent and activate trinket at full (100) energy.

VT Sustained DPS = [5 * 0.3 * 130 + (11.11 + 12.5) * 0.3 * 130 * 0.81]/300 = 3.1
VT Burst DPS = [5 * 0.3 * 130 + (11.11 + 12.5) * 0.3 * 130 * 0.81]/20 = 47.1

Zandalarian Hero Medallion
Use: Increases your melee and ranged damage by 40 for 20 sec. Every time you hit a target, this bonus is reduced by 2.

Worst active trinket to proximate DPS. Period.

However, I am a lazy fuck and I adhere to KISS principle, so here is the very proximate evaluation of ZHM:

Total Damage Added ~ [(1+20)*10/2]*2 = 210
Total Damage Added after Crit/Hit Effects ~ 210 * [(1 - Miss Rate + Hit Rate) + 2 * Crit Rate)]

Assuming 5% Hit and 27% Crit
Total Damage Added after Crit/Hit Effects = 281.4

DPS = 281.4 / (20 for burst, 120 for sustained) = 14.1 burst DPS or 2.3 sustained DPS

Since this method ignores special attacks and all the talent perks, I will give it a 2x ratio to make it 28.2 burst DPS or 4.6 sustained DPS.


Piehole said...

Did you purposely leave the ZHM math blank or just a bug? Would really like to see it so I can make a decision about which trinket I should use raiding.

Also, I emailed you requesting excel file a while back, never got to me. :(

piehole said...

Completely disregard the above post. I just figured out what WIP means. QQ

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Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in some calculations with the Earthstrike trinket.

Largetni said...

I would like to ask you to reevaluate the HoJ. I have tested it to trigger only main hand attacks (same as for windfury and sword spec), regardless of the hand that proccs it. Considering a 25% crit 7% tohit Rogue one has roughly 15% miss rate on white damage and none on special attacks. As of 1.9 Ive seen sword spec and HoJ get off on SSs.
For a combatrogue with a very fast offhand and a slow high damage mainhand this should still prove to be a high value trinket. Possibly less so on a dagger rogue due to higher damage portion you get out of special attacks.

Anonymous said...

Rentaki's Charm + Earthstrike best Combat Rogue Trinket Combination until DFT then?

Anonymous said...

Where's Jom Gabbar?