1.10 Darkmantle Set

Here is a link to the new 1.10 Darkmantle Set.

The set graphics looks great and the stats fits very well between Nightslayer and Shadowcraft. The 4 piece set bonus of +35 Energy proc sounds extremely promising. I am particularly interested in DM Boots due to the stealth bonus.

5/5 MoD gives 15 Stealth Skill Points.

DM Boots gives 8 Stealth Skill Points according to WoWGuru.
NE Racial gives 5 Stealth Skill Points.
Stealth Enchant gives Lesser Stealth (5 Stealth Skill Points).
So DM Boots + NE Racial + Stealth Enchant = 18 Stealth Points, better than MoD 5/5.

Haven't I argued that MoD is useless since last January?

None of the speed enchant bonuses stacks besides Camo thus valuing 5/5 Camo higher than 5/5 MoD simply due to the unavailability/un-stackability of speed improvement enchants/gears.

On a side note,
  1. We got to C'Thun phase 2 on our third week of AQ40. 15 min corpse run + buffs between attempts fucking sucks.
  2. Each BS miss consumes 11 energy while each SS miss consumes 7 energy.
  3. My Excel spreadsheet calculator has progressed smoothly and should be ready *soon*.


ripper said...

I'm a NE rogue so I wanted to investigate further about the stealth values and I came to a different conclusion: Shadowmeld + Stealth enchantment + DM boots are a be a bit better than 5/5 MoD.

As far as I have found 5/5 MoD gives a value of 15 in stealth. Shadowmeld gives 5, stealth enchant 5 aswell and the Darkmantle Boots give 8, the total is 18.

Here is where I read about the Darkmantle value: http://www.wowguru.com/db/spells/stealth-8-id27037/

Sorry for my grammar mistakes, but english isn't my main language.

VitaminC said...

Yes you are correct.

MoD 5/5 gives total of 15 stealth points.

Shadowmeld gives +5
Stealth enchant gives lessor stealth (+5)
Darkmantle Boots gives 8
So SM + Stealth + DM Boots gives effective stealth of 18 points (6/5 MoD).

Anonymous said...

Going to swap over to Darkmantle Boots and put stealth on your cloak and roll a NE just to get a little bit faster in stealth? ;)

And on top of that, what about the rogues who have MoD 5/5 AND boots AND stealth enchant? level 65.5 stealth? Will still see you.

VitaminC said...

MoD 5/5 is a junk talent that only works in duels and stationary targets. If you want to catch anything moving, camo will help tremendously.

At least that's my school of thought.