HoJ/Sword Spec Procs? Pfft. Get +Hit

First of all, I've shown a 0.5% increase in DPS from 2% hit to 2% for an extra attack. That's far from 50% improvement from the comment.
  1. 2.4 MH and OH Speed Assumption I assumed 2.4 speed for both MH and OH. Most MH sword speed ranges from 2.6 to 2.9. There are only 4 epic sword that has speed less than 2.4: Blackguard(craftable), Ravencrest's Legacy(AQ Gate Quest), Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight(BWL), Warblade of the Hakkari(ZG). Most uses Brutality Blade(MC) for OH. 2.4 speed for both hands is a fairly reasonable assumption.
  2. Sword Spec or HoJ procs are additive and will slightly decrease total number of MH attacks as they cancel out attack-in-motion. And although you gain more chance to proc extra MH attacks through HoJ/Sword Spec, but you also have less chance to miss on BOTH your MH and OH attacks for +2% Hit.
  3. Aggression won't change the results. Extra 6% damage on SS does not have anything to do with extra MH attacks gained through +Hit or +Chance to attack.
  4. Slice and Dice won't change the results either as it benefit both the same way. Neither will Blade Flurry skew the results.
  5. Duel Wield spec will only reinforce my argument further. OH DPS weights 75% instead of 50% of the white DPS, thus the damage from MH extra procs will be reduced as a % of overall damage.
Extremely minor details I should say.

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Chopz said...

Why can't this just easily be shown by the following math:

Let D be the damage inflicted from an attack.

E[D] = E[D|H]Pr(H)

where H is the hit event, crits and hits are folded together. Consider +hit of 'h'. In this case

E[D] = E[D|H](Pr(H)+h)
= E[D|H]Pr(H) + E[D|H]h

Now consider probability of a hit getting an additional attack of 'a'. In this case:

E[D] = E[D|H]Pr(H) + E[D|H]Pr(H)aPr(H)

(Note the number of hits from a single attack is Pr(H)(1+aPr(H)),
the probability of the first attack hitting, plus the triggered second attack which must hit).

So.. since Pr(H) < 1, an additional % to hit will always be better than a % of extra attack.

Sound right?