I Slap Myself in the Fase. 1% Chance to Gain Extra Attack = 1.5% Hit

I retract my eariler statement that +2% Hit and +2% Chance for an Extra Attack have no material differences after some discussion with Pj. We have come to an agreement that 3% Hit = 2% Chance to Gain Extra Attacks. This is some logic flaw on my part. My apologies.

So 5/5 Sword Spec is effectively 6.5% Hit. HoJ is effectively 3% Hit + 20 AP.

My 03.03.06 post regarding my calculation assumptions still holds true, except flawed logic in interpreting the results.

On a side note, grats to my guild Eminence on Twin Emp kill. Gate opened 02/27/06. Twin Emperor down on 03/03/06. Good progress. Now where the fuck is me on the group shot. :S

My Excel Calculator v0.4.3 is well in progress. Now I just have to make the Data Table work so they display the correct value. > <


Anonymous said...

When you say 1% chance on extra attack is 1.5% hit isnt sword spec (5/5) suppose to be (5x1,5)7,5% extra hit? Or was this just the HoJ with 20ap that made the .5 difference?

VitaminC said...

That's pure direct comparison between +hit and +chance to gain an extra attack.

Those 2 mods have extreme similarities, but +chance to gain an extra attack edges out because its effect scales as you gain more +hit.

Anonymous said...

Your math seems to neglect the fact that the extra hit mechanic is currently broken - instead of granting a true extra attack, it resets the swing timer on your mainhand.

The net effect is that extra swings procced by your mainhand will get near-full effect (most likely slightly less than full, as there is probably a delay) while extra swings procced by specials or your offhand will have their effect reduced relative to a true extra attack. I would expect that for a normal distribution in time relative to your mainhand swings, they would receive an average of ~50% of what you would see for true extra attacks.